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Drinks starting in the letter 'c'

Drink Date Added Rating
Caribbean Hot Chocolate2005-07-14
Chartreuse Chocolate Kiss2005-07-14
Cherry Chocolate Freeze2005-07-14
Chilly Chocolate Mint2005-07-14
chocoberry milk chiller2006-05-21
Chocolate Almond Cream2005-07-14
Chocolate Almond Kiss2005-07-14
Chocolate Banana2005-07-14
Chocolate Banana and Peanut Malted2006-05-21
Chocolate Banana Banshee2005-07-14
Chocolate Banana Delight2006-05-21
Chocolate Banana Frost2005-07-14
Chocolate Banana Fudgsicle2005-07-14
Chocolate Banana Martini2005-07-14
Chocolate Black Russian2005-07-14
Chocolate Bomb2005-07-14
Chocolate Boobie2005-07-14
Chocolate Cake Martini2005-07-14
Chocolate Cake Shooter2005-07-14
Chocolate Candy2005-07-14
Chocolate Cherry Cooler2006-05-21
Chocolate Chip2005-07-14
Chocolate Cloud2005-07-14
Chocolate Cocktail2005-07-14
Chocolate Coconut Smash2005-07-14
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